Event Security

To enable Safe-Tay Security to provide the best possible security services in every event, we tailor our operation and execution to tailor the needs and requirements of our clients and to maximize the efficiency of our deployment, ensuring that specific requirements are met.

We deliver a high calibre service by focusing on crowd management including the dynamics of crowd movement, queue management, ingress and egress and crowd behaviour.

Ahead of any event, we will identify the requirements through communication with our clients to ensure the safety and comfort of all those attending remains a priority.

High-profile events such as a football fixture, music festival or council event will attract large numbers of visitors and spectators which could potentially result in foot traffic, queuing and unruly behaviour.

Safe-Tay Security staff implement an efficient and safe crowd management system at the entrance and exits of any event, transport points and catering areas which serves as a deterrent towards the threat of unruly behaviour becoming an issue, ensuring the safety and enjoyment of all visitors.

We welcome current and new prospective clients who wish to inquire about our available services, or to make changes to the services we currently provide, to contact our office.

This can be done through our Contact Us page.