Events Sector (Public & Private)

Through our past and present clients diverse range of requirements and needs, we have built our drive and delivery on the safe and proactive approach on the range of services that we can provide. These include Event Consultancy, Crowd Management, Event Safety Stewarding and Car Park and Traffic Management.

As with the success of any event, we understand that planning is crucial to that success, and our delivery can be tailored to meet the requirements of our clients throughout each stage from the get-go to minimize risks and ensure that those requirements are being met before, during and after an event has taken place.

Our approach enables us to delivery a high calibre service, whilst ensuring that the safety and enjoyment of all those in attendance.
The Event Staff at Safe-Tay are trained and knowledgeable, possessing the necessary skills to deliver a high level of customer care and to contribute to the event itself.

We welcome current and new prospective clients who wish to inquire about our available services, or to make changes to the services we currently provide, to contact our office.

This can be done through our Contact Us page.